When I started my first blog "Happy Hamby Campers" in 2010, my intention was to document our various camping adventures.  Over time the scope has widened to include camping preparations, camp oven and/or thermal cooking experiments, geocaching/bushwalking expeditions and other outdoor exploits. 

Obviously we are not always out and about, much of the time we are at home instead /"Home(in)stead" - and so a second blog seems appropriate, particularly now as we embark on a new phase in life's adventure. 

To recap quickly, we faced significant challenges in the latter part of 2012.  Nick learned that his place of employment was set to close in early 2013.  We also received a "Notice of Termination" of our lease, with an exit date of 5 December.  As you can imagine, it was a very stressful time – knowing we had to go but not knowing where we would end up.

Finally, barely two weeks before our exit date, we received confirmation of a three-month temporary accommodation booking in Melbourne (part of Nick's relocation package, though his initial contract was only delivered two days before our departure) – and so we started heading south on 5 December. Our “essential” clothes and belongings came with us but the rest remained in storage until early March 2013.

Our temporary accommodation was a serviced three-bedroom apartment, within 10km of the city centre - and for the most part we are enjoyed the generosity of the company tab, dining out at least twice each day at a local restaurant where we were on first-name terms with many of the staff.  That four-star "camping" was quite, quite different from our usual DIY/budget approach to life!

Nick had very little time off during those early months but we managed some house-hunting - and cheered loudly when our application for a house on five acres (about 45km north-west of the CBD) was approved.   

It's the start of a whole new style of living for us.  Stay tuned as we set up Hamby Home(in)stead!


  1. Can't wait to read more and more of your capers!

  2. Thanks, Nammo - I'm definitely hoping for some comedy capers! ;)